Frequently Asked Questions

Know everything about Bank auction properties

Document writer is asking additional details to be mentioned in sales certificate.

Banks will mention complete KYC details in the sale certificate which will be sufficient for registration across India. They are flexible to add any additional details as required by any SRO.

My details are not correctly mentioned

Don’t worry! Speak to the authorized officer and he will arrange for issue of a fresh certificate with correct details. If you applied through Hecta, reach out to your property advisor who will help you with this.

What should I check in the sale certificate?

Make sure the details for all buyers/ bidders is correctly mentioned as per Aadhar in the sales certificate. For NRIs, details as per Passport/ PIO card need to be mentioned.

In how much time will I get the sale certificate?

Banks usually take 4-5 working days to issue the sale certificate once the full purchase price is paid by you.

What is a sale certificate?

Banks issue the sale certificate when you pay the full purchase price. This certificate is enough for you to get the property registered in your name.

I have paid 100% of bid amount. What are next steps.

Congratulations! Bank will now issue a sale certificate which you can use to get your property registered in your name. Remember to ask the bank for the list of all property documents available with the bank and seek original copies.