Frequently Asked Questions

Know everything about Bank auction properties

Why should I buy a stressed asset

They are available for up to 70% discount to market price. There’s no brokerage in the transaction. Since seller is financial institution, the seller certainty is 100% with 100% transparency in transaction. Timeline of transaction is short so you can complete the transaction within 4-6 weeks.

It is it of inferior quality and use

There is no difference in value, utility or title of this asset. Only the seller is different and buying from a bank or institution is far better and transparent.

Why is it called stressed asset

This is a technical jargon. Actually, the asset is not stressed, rather the seller is under stress since the borrower hasn’t paid the dues.

How is it different from a usual asset

There is no difference in asset utility or value. Only difference is that the seller is a financial institution, which makes the sale transaction very transparent.

What is a stressed asset

Assets are mortgaged by borrowers to obtain secured loans from financial institutions. When the borrowers don’t pay back, the financial institutions put them up for sale to recover dues. Such assets are referred to as stressed assets.