Banks and Institutions

Reduce the “stress”
in stressed properties

Looking to sell repossessed properties?
Onboard Hecta and improve your realization by 2x.

Unlimited listings

Enable online application and payment

Integration with auction platforms

Sell anywhere in India

Problem Statement

The “stress” in selling stressed properties.

Governance & Process

Following the prescribed process of SARFASEI or IBC, as applicable.

Completely transparent, online auction and user friendly.

Marketing Challenges

Lack of bandwidth and budget.

Heterogenous and fragmented inventory.


Strong local reach but focus on saleable and deep discounted deals.

Tendency to hold information in fear of bid competition.

End Buyers

Information asymmetry and lack of due-diligence services.

Lack of lending options to solve liquidity for conversion.


Onboard Hecta to increase visibility and get more buyers.


Curation with enhanced information - Google Maps location, property pictures, drone's aerial feed of catchment, possession, title.


Digital marketing platform with “Hyper Local Marketing Approach”. Audience education with right information on property, process and payment.


Due-diligence services from respective experts / professional agencies as per End-Buyers’ needs. Guiding the buyers through the prescribed process.

Our Services

Why Hecta? Because we do it better.


Enhanced information on sale notice through our extended field network in tier 1, 2 and 3 towns

Centralized Back-Office

Our cataloguing, operations and helpline are centralised and driven by standard process.


Powered by AWS Cloud, our portal and app can support more than one lakh properties.

Due-Diligence Support

Built a network of empanelled lawyers with expertise in SARFAESI, IBC and DRT cases.

Omni-Channel Marketing

Follow the “hyper-local marketing approach” at scale combining digital and offline marketing.

Lending Support

Most end-buyers need loans to purchase a property. We tied-up with few Banks and NBFCs.

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